Mission & Vision



To make sure of the perfect investment and provide excellent services and satisfaction to our client & customers. We would like our loyal clients to purchase our products & takes our services. We are committing to deliver, for the long Haul and build fruitful & lasting relationship with our valuable clients & customers by attaining high standards of efficiency and professionalism and core institutional values comparable to the best in the field.

Mission & Vision- Avaasa Group


In AVAASA GROUP we have dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community, helping to maintain existing companies and assist our clients to converting their dreams in reality.

The Company everyday growing forward to become a leading Engineering, procurement and Construction (EPC) firm in the country, when delivering projects that consistently meet international standards.

We consistently develop and provide our customers with the technology, products and services that generate new value.

To cater to customers from all sections of society based on their specific needs.

Mission & Vision- Avaasa Group

Corporate philosophy

Our values are at the heart of our organization and are the reasons for our continued success. We try to foster an environment that instils these values in every facet of our organization:-

a. Customer first'

b. Professionalism'

c. Commitment to quality and aesthetics.

By placing importance on the attitude that "we learn from our client & customers", we can put ourselves in their position and carry out our daily operations in an efficient manner. It is our objective to gain the deep trust of our client & customers through the course of our daily work.

  • Quality Policy
  • We are committed to enhance the customer satisfaction level by continuously improving our systems for conceptualising and developing world class real estate infrastructure projects to meet & exceed the expectations of the stake holders and by adhering to the application statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Quality means excellence. It is thus a philosophy rather than a mere attribute. The difference between two objects is judged by their qualities. We set some standards which determine the level of acceptability.
  • In most industries especially in manufacturing and process industry, the concept of quality management is old and used extensively. Now-a-days, application of quality management is not only becoming popular but also mandatory in construction industry.
  • Just knowing some quality control methods or procedures will not do any good. We must have to adopt and implement the quality control methods and tools that are available to us. The concept and its practice must be tuned in harmoniously.
  • Quality assurance in construction activities guides the use of correct structural design, specifications and proper materials ensuring that the quality of workmanship by the contractor /sub-contractor is achieved and finally maintaining the structure after construction is complete through periodic assessments for maintenance and repairs. Quality control has to be imposed by the contractor whereas quality assurance is carried out by a separate third party agency engaged by the owner.
  • We have tied up with SBI, AXIS, UCO BANK, LIC, IDBI, HDFC Ltd. in case our buyers need Housing Loan facilities. The loan shall be given on BANK'S terms & conditions. In the event that a buyer avails a housing loan from any other bank/financial institution, he must ensure timely payment according to the sale agreement. In case of failure to meet the payment terms, penalties will be imposed according to the sale agreement.
Mission & Vision- Avaasa Group